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"Schmitt has done it again. First, he launched the experience marketing movement and now he shows us that happy customers are essential for any business.  This immensely practical book provides tools, best, and "next" practices for turning satisfied customers into happy, long-term loyalists."
- Marty Holmish, Global Chief Marketing Officer, HP

"Schmitt shows us that it is no longer enough to just satisfy customers. His book provides solid and timely advice on how to delight customers, using both traditional and new media."
- Torrence Boone, Managing Director, Google

“Schmitt helps prove that happy customers become loyal customers become outspoken advocates.  And he offers up evidence that loyal customers drive business results and improve shareholder value.”
- Peter DeNunzio, President, U.S. Customer Loyalty, Aimia

“A must-read for anyone who understands that in today's world it is imperative to have your consumers connect with your business and your brands on an emotional level.”
- Maryam Banikarim, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Gannett

“Schmitt links positive psychology to business strategy to provide a compelling framework for putting the customer at the center of business success.”
- Susan Popper, SVP Marketing Communications & Experience, SAP Marketing

“Combining academic research and fascinating case studies, Bernd Schmitt takes us into the heads of our customers and then gives us specific methods to deliver customer happiness. This book doesn’t just tell us the why. It teaches us the how to.”
- Shep Hyken, customer service expert and New York Times bestselling author of
The Amazement Revolution

“This book will help any business excel as it strives to innovate.  Innovation programs succeed when they consider not just functional improvements to products, but how they bring joy to customers. Schmitt’s engaging book is structured to help executives leverage customer insight and craft innovative products and services that will drive sales, loyalty and advocacy.”
- Yoon Lee, VP, Global Product Innovation, Samsung Electronics America


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