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Happy Customers Everywhere, Chapter 1

Consider McDonald's "Happy Meal".

Launched more than 30 years ago in June 1979, the "Happy Meal" is viewed by some as a gimmick to get young consumers hooked on the company's burgers and fries with a cheap toy. Nonetheless, in its approach McDonald's was far ahead of its time in considering the notion of customer happiness.

The usual explanation, brand preference, just doesn't seem to do full justice to what's going on. Some consumers do not just prefer a brand; they seem truly happy about their purchases and are genuinely in love with the brand.

The core premise of this book is that shopping for goods, buying them and consuming them can indeed make people happy. While consumerism and marketing are often critiqued as distracting individuals from the pursuit of finding happiness in their lives, if done right and with a genuine interest in consumers as real human beings, commercial activities and marketing can enhance an individual's well-being, quality of life and life satisfaction.

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